AMR Implementation for Osmocom-BB

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Akib Sayyed akibsayyed at
Sun Oct 27 06:21:20 UTC 2013

Thanks Michael

 I was checking code given by you and tsm30 phone. header files are same. I
just need to know what dsp patch needed.

btw here are answer of your questions.

On Sat, Oct 26, 2013 at 11:35 PM, Michael Spacefalcon <
msokolov at> wrote:

> Akib Sayyed <akibsayyed at> wrote:
> > Harald and Dieter Spaar
> You should consider the possibility of accepting help from more than
> just them...
> > my question is does tsm30 support AMR operation
> Do you have an actual physical TSM30 phone?  If you do, you must be
> the luckiest person on Earth, as these phones must be worth way more
> than their weight in gold.  If you don't have an actual TSM30, why
> does it matter whether it supports AMR or not?
> IOW, it seems to me that you are posing the question the wrong way:
> rather than ask whether TSM30 supported AMR or not, you should be
> asking how to get AMR support working on your current phone, which I
> presume is one of the models supported by OsmocomBB, all of which use
> a much newer Calypso+ABB+RF chipset than what the TSM30 had in it.
> So, if you want to get help from those people who actually *are*
> willing to help you (such as me), please answer the following two
> questions:
> 1. Which phone are you using for your OsmocomBB/AMR experiments?
> Using c118 for experiments

> 2. Please show us the console output you get from osmocon/layer1; I
> want to see the "DSP API Version:" line in particular, which should be
> printed twice.
> Assert DSP into Reset
Releasing DSP from Reset
Setting some dsp_api.ndb values
Setting API NDB parameters
DSP Download Status: 0x0001
DSP API Version: 0x0000 0x0000
Finishing download phase
DSP Download Status: 0x0002
DSP API Version: 0x3606 0x0000
LOST 330!

> My hypothesis is that getting AMR to work probably requires applying
> at least one patch to the DSP code (others here have posted the same),
> but before we can proceed further down that road, we need to know
> which phone you are using and which DSP ROM version it has - hence my
> two questions above; please answer them.
> VLR,
> SF

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