OsmocomBB without hardware phone

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clovnrian at gmail.com clovnrian at gmail.com
Wed Oct 23 19:45:45 UTC 2013


I am trying to modify osmocomBB to work without the phone as layer 1.  
My goal is that application will using socket to communicate with BTS 
(modified BTS which can send and receive message throught sockets).

I analyzed the osmocomBB code and I found that I'll have to modify 
osmocon.c (host/osmocon/osmocon.c) file. This file is interface between 
serial communication and layer2. If I am right, I have to do this changes:

 1. Delete functions handle the serial interface
 2. Add new tool server to dnload structure
 3. Creating new tool server for L1 interface (UNIX socket or IP socket
    with GSMTAP)
 4. Add callback function for reading from layer2 socket and forward
    this messages to L1 socket interface.

Simplified I have to listen and forward packets from BTS to layer2 
socket and from L2 to L1.

Do I think in right direction or I am wrong and it will need more 

Best regards,
Miroslav Babjak
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