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Erich Dachleger edachleger at yahoo.com
Tue Oct 15 17:05:11 UTC 2013

Hi list,
Sometimes when I run ./mobile -i, after output as below


<000b> gsm48_rr.c:2174 PAGING REQUEST 1
<000b> gsm48_rr.c:2132  TMSI ***** (not for us)
<0001> gsm48_rr.c:2450 IMMEDIATE ASSIGNMENT:
<0001> gsm48_rr.c:2462  (ta 30/16615m ra 0x7f chan_nr 0x0e MAIO 0 HSN 38 TS 6 SS 0 TSC 4)
<0001> gsm48_rr.c:2478 Not for us, no request.
<000b> gsm48_rr.c:2174 PAGING REQUEST 1

I then want to launch ccch_scan,
after calling the function l1ctl_tx_fbsb_req,with the from mobile obtained parameters, similar to what Bhaskar did here:

But how and from  where did Bhaskar call  l1ctl_tx_fbsb_req  function? Via netcat or socat to the osmocom-socket?

Regards erich
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