Query on TPU doc

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Bhaskar11 niceguy108 at gmail.com
Sat May 18 05:37:42 UTC 2013

The TPU Debugger code lists:

static const char *tpu_addr_name[0x1f] = {
[0] = "TSP_CTLR1",
[1] = "TSP_CTRL2",
[*4*] = "TSP_TX_*1*",
[*3*] = "TSP_TX_*2*",
[*2*] = "TSP_TX_*3*",
[5] = "TSP_TX_4",
[6] = "TSPACT_L",

Was wondering if the numbering is a typo. Could not find documentation

Just bringing to your notice for check.

Could you please confirm that items 2,3,4 are not supposed to be in


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