Which is the best branch for running mobile on DP-L10?

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Tim Ehlers osmocom at ehlers.info
Mon May 13 08:57:03 UTC 2013

On Sun, 12 May 2013, ubuntugirl wrote:


>> Is it the cell re-selection procedure?
>> Terminals periodically scan for surrounding cells in order to switch
>> if they see a better one.
> OK, I guess I can see that a phone has no way of knowing that it is
> stationary, so it has to execute that periodic procedure "just in
> case".
> [...]

you can set "no neighbour-measurement". This would turn the re-selection 
off. I have identified the neighbour-measurement as one of the reasons, 
why my phone is crashing from time to time. I think that is because of the 
burst-data sent from layer1 to layer23 over serial and somehow is not 
completely flow-controled:

kernel: [900845.794906] ttyS7: 1 input overrun(s)

These messages don't disappear, but are more seldom, since the data 
between the layers is reduced.

So my advice at the moment is to disable neighbour-measurement, when using 
the phone stationary.



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