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Sylvain Munaut 246tnt at
Wed Mar 20 14:46:12 UTC 2013

> I removed and recompiled both osmocom-bb and openbts buth the errors still
> are there,

What errors ? I don't see anything abnormal in the output you posted ...

Why can't you see the network ? I have _no_ idea ...  As I said in the
talk, you can have it all working on the software side and still not
see the network, it might be linked to the phone, the reference cell,
your RF environment, your test phones, and a zillion other things and
without proper BTS tester gear and the knowledge to debug it, you
might never find out.

A few random tips:
 - Let the BTS phone powered on for like 10 min before launching
transceiver and openbts, this lets the crystal warmup and it'll be
more stable
 - The phone you're trying to register must not be too close from the
bts phone, at least 5m away or so.



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