TRX CLK-indication and failing sync

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Sylvain Munaut 246tnt at
Sun Mar 10 10:42:21 UTC 2013


> I then use
> rssi-app to find the strongest reference cell and modify openbts.db

You obviously can't read ...


it's clearly stated : "Warning: Only set GSM.Radio.C0 to an ARFCN you
have a valid license for. "
So if you modify openbts.db to set it to the strongest reference cell,
you've just built a jammer for the local cell, congrats ...

> But when I upload the firmware Lost messages occur after a series of stale
> burst-messages.

Those are inconsequential as long at they happen only at the
beginning. At bootup there is too much load for the phone with all the
initialization going on, but
as long as "Lost" are "around" 1875  or appear during TDMA sync, they
won't have any impact.

> L1CTL_NEIGH_PM_REQ new list with 8 entries

You're doing something else wrong because at no point will the TRX app



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