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Nico Golde osmocom at
Tue Mar 5 20:05:19 UTC 2013

* Hagen Fritsch <fritsch+osmocom-baseband at> [2013-02-10 16:32]:
> That was just an idea, but then again I don’t really want to start a
> discussion on mailinglist vs forums. Therefore a summary of arguments is
> found for example here:

Yeah and most of them are stupid:
- Conversations are grouped by topic
=> get a better mail client
There is one place to go to see an entire history of the community
=> not true, forums don't aggregate news feeds, git repositories etc. the community is not defined by people who are active in chatter
Forums are usually better-organized, easier to browse, easier to search
=> get a better mail client
You can subscribe to some topics and not others, have a very granular control over what you pay attention to
=> get a better mail client
Forums are "pull" -- you have to go to the site and "pull" the content down, instead of it being pushed to you and possibly interrupting your other activities
=> email can be both push and pull

Given the idiocy of his arguments, I stop here and won't comment on his
thoughts on mailing list.

Maybe we should raise the bar for raise the bar for communication and move to 
usenet!1!? ;-P

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