scapy gsm-um with trx firmware?

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Mon Jun 17 16:15:21 UTC 2013

Thanks Max,

I'll take a look at that branch soon.

Offtopic: By the way, I'm looking forward to buying the um-TRX to play around with.
Is it still due to start shipping the new batch in July? Does the standard um-trx work well with GSM or do we have to also purchase the clocktamer?



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Subject: Re: scapy gsm-um with trx firmware?

16.06.2013 17:22, Miguel Rios пишет:
> Thanks for the reply Erich.
> I'm not really sure about that. I'm going to experiment a bit if I can find the time
> this week.
> I see the gsm-um python code mentions it is possible to send out the scapy packets
> using udp, tcp and unix domain sockets, so I imagine it should be fairly easy to
> integrate with openbts and osmocom, either using the trx firmware or the older
> "regular" layer1 firmware.
> Anyone that has played around with this before have any tips?

works for me using 'milenage' branch in

I've ported testcall patches from previous version of openbts.

best regards,
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