no transceiver binary inside src/host/layer23/src/transceiver folder after running make

Miguel Rios miguelrios35 at
Thu Jun 13 14:28:55 UTC 2013

Hi list,

I'm trying to experiment with Sylvain's transceiver as per the wiki here

I think that I may be doing something wrong when making in that I can see no transceiver binary inside /osmocom-bb/src/host/layer23/src/transceiver.
The host/layer23/src/transceiver folder is created properly.  After running  make HOST_layer23_CONFARGS=--enable-transceiver,  I don't see any transceiver binary in there, so naturally OpenBTS fails when I execute the exec <your path to osmocom-bb>/src/host/layer23/src/transceiver/transceiver 1 script.

I also don't see any errors when running make, although it scrolls by so fast it is hard to be sure.


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