umts rrc question

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Max.Suraev at
Mon Jun 10 16:33:46 UTC 2013

Hi all.

I've problem reading umts standard etsi ts 125.331 - for example 10.2.11 DOWNLINK
DIRECT TRANSFER does not specify length of "message type" or "rrc transaction id", it
only references which do not specify length as well - only "Integer
(0..3)". Where do I look up the actual bit lengths?

As far as I recall in gsm spec it was given right away.

I've tried to read asn in wireshark/asn1/rrc but got myself only same "Integer
(0..3)" and attempt to read generated code makes my brain reboot.

I've tried to compile it with erlc and use parsers as is but hit "function not
exported" - I don't know enough erlang yet to fix this.

best regards,

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