Osmocom Berlin User Group meeting -- discontinued

Kevin Redon ml at mail.tsaitgaist.info
Tue Jun 11 15:31:40 UTC 2013


Excerpts from dexter's message of 2013-06-05 08:54:48 -0700:
> Hi All.
> > I'm sorry to hear this.  Regarding the decreasing interest: Maybe we
> > should go back one step and look at a monthly rather than bi-weekly
> > schedule?
> Sounds like a good idea. If enough people would be interested in a meeting
> i would continue doing it but maybe there is no more a need for a regular
> meeting i don't know...
> Maybe we should do a survey now. All ones who are interested in a monthly
> meeting (lets say every last Wednesday) should write an email (+1).
> >
> > [which is available to every CCCB member, like Peter, Holger, dexter,
> >   myself]
> Sure, but the CCCB is not so much frequented at the moment. You have to
> be lucky to meet others when you come on another day than tuesday or 
> thursday.
> regards.
> Philipp

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