[PATCH] COMP128v23 improvements

Max.Suraev at fairwaves.ru
Mon Dec 2 10:36:08 UTC 2013

01.12.2013 14:39, Harald Welte пишет:
> Hi Max,
> On Mon, Nov 25, 2013 at 12:20:33PM +0100, ☎ wrote:
>> All fixed. Let me know if I've overlooked something.
> thanks. it looks fine to me, and if it was applying to
> libosmocore/master, I would have merged it today :)

Hmm... it applies with
patch --dry-run -p1 < 0001-Refactor-COMP128v23-implementation-and-add-test-suit-v5.patch
just fine. What exactly is wrong and how do I fix it?
I've made a patch using "git format-patch" - is there some better way?

> Just for sake of completeness, the linux kernel checkpatch.pl script
> finds the following issues (which I would ignore, but just as a general
> rule, it is a good way to catch coding style issues):
> ------------
> WARNING: line over 80 characters
> #45: FILE: include/osmocom/gsm/comp128v23.h:20:
> +int comp128v2(const uint8_t *ki, const uint8_t *rand, uint8_t *sres, uint8_t *kc);
> WARNING: line over 80 characters
> #46: FILE: include/osmocom/gsm/comp128v23.h:21:
> +int comp128v3(const uint8_t *ki, const uint8_t *rand, uint8_t *sres, uint8_t *kc);

With all due respect - those are shorter than the line they are replacing which is
already committed to the git.

The rest I have corrected.

best regards,
Max, http://fairwaves.ru

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