[PATCH] COMP128v23 improvements

Peter Stuge peter at stuge.se
Sun Dec 1 18:41:12 UTC 2013

☎ wrote:
> > Why not just fix it since this is a community effort? It takes longer
> > to complain about it and reject it than it does to perform the actual
> > work. (Sans the merge problem on Master).
> I second that.

Complaining and rejecting might take longer but also sends a clear
message that actually the development in this project has to follow

Trust me, wiping the floor after other people, as Harald expressed
it, is not sustainable and becomes much more frustrating for everyone.

> I mean I do understand that nobody wants to do the boring work

Right, so it seems reasonable that style is the responsibility of the
original patch author, don't you think?

Pro tip: Use the correct style already when creating the patch, that
way there is no extra step of boring reformatting/cleanup work.

> But that's also discouraging - and that's why those patches are
> stalled since spring: I use patched version locally

To me it says that you were too unattentive or too lazy to follow the
coding style when originally creating those changes, and that now you
don't care to fix the changes so that others can benefit from them.

There are lots of valid reasons for not immediately using the correct
style, but never fixing old commits makes me go: Sad face. :\

> Because it's research project .. no maintenance burden for me in
> this setup, while with pushing stuff upstream - there is.

Probably the upstream code has helped you save some time in the
research project, so I think it is a fair tradeoff for you to
spend time also giving back to the codebase - and you do!

I think you're doing a great job, you're certainly contributing to
the project, it's just unfortunate for everybody that you haven't
tidied those old patches. If the project was developing at a higher
pace they could have bitrotted already. :\

> Hence the efforts to mainline things are not as ideal as they could be.

In the end that's always up to each individual contributor.

> Of course I would try to fix the patches anyway, so that they will
> please upstream, but not today - Friday evening, and so on :)

For me it's not about pleasing upstream, but about recognizing the
importance of following style in order to increase maintainability
of the source code as a whole, and to decrease load on maintainers,
so that development progress is as smooth as possible.

> I hope I do not sound complaining

I don't think you sound like you are complaining but I do think that
the responsibility to format contributions according to project style
lies firmly with each individual contributor and never anywhere else.

Kind regards


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