LOGP and Changes to lapdm.c and lapdm.h

Arslan Anjum arslan.anj at gmail.com
Sun Apr 21 14:14:42 UTC 2013

Good evening all or whatever time it is there!

1. For debugging I have added a FILE* opf; member to lapdm_entity struct in

But when I try to initialize this file pointer in mobile_init function in
app_mobile.c I get a compile time error that lapdm_entity does not have a
member named 'opf'.

2. When I declare the same member in osmocom_ms struct I don't get this

3. Furthermore, any changes I make to lapdm.c don't show up on runtime. I
can quote specific examples but the mail would get long.

Lastly is there any documentation on for LOGP and how to see it's different
log levels.


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