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R. Revert rafarevertf22 at
Wed Apr 17 05:02:07 UTC 2013

Peter wrote:

> >You can always reverse engineer the source code. I think it will be
> >infinitely faster than waiting for someone to do it for you and tell
> >you what they discovered.

Thank's what im trying to do who to get osmocom cell_log and other misc
apps running
But i think that i need that file if im not wrong..

Reading symbols from
(gdb) list 92,97
93        if (options & L23_OPT_SAP)
94            printf("  -S --sap        /tmp/osmocom_sap. Path to the "
95                "unix domain socket (BTSAP)\n");
97        if (options & L23_OPT_ARFCN)

2) root at raf10x:/opt/cellphone/osmocom-bb/src# git grep L23_OPT_SAP
host/layer23/include/osmocom/bb/common/l23_app.h:       L23_OPT_SAP     = 1,
host/layer23/src/common/main.c: if (options & L23_OPT_SAP)

the L23_OPT_SAP is set to 1

and the options is comming from   l23_app_info *app = l23_app_info();
that end up to l23_app.h file..

i actually Stock whit this 2 to cuestions :

1) do i actually new to unlock the cellphone to download GSM info to
Wireshark .because i got the cell phone lock from colombian providers but
im actually using a  peruvian SIM whit other peruvian ISP.
I supposed that when the Firmware layer1 is upload it sould not take care
about the info configurations fron the phones

2) do i need the osmocom_sap socket ? if yes were i can find this to run
the "Misc apps"


R. Revert
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