GSM test sets (HP 8922M, for instance..)

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Peter Stuge peter at
Mon Oct 8 06:07:19 UTC 2012

John Case wrote:
>>> I know I need to get a 8322A expansion for the unit - any other
>>> details I should look out for ?
>> That's the 1800 MHz option, yes? Maybe you want 1900 instead. There
>> are also goodies like the improved performance 10 MHz reference.
> The (obsolete) product page for 83220A says " ... expands the capabilities 
> of the Agilent 8922 family to comprehensively test DCS 1800 and PCS 1900 
> equipment..."
> So do I understand that by itself, the unit handles 900 and 850, and the 
> add-on gives it 1800 and 1900 ?

Sounds like it - good!

What kind of tests would you like to do? Depending on what you want
to do, a different tester may be even better.


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