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Peter Stuge peter at
Sat Oct 6 14:16:15 UTC 2012

Fabio Pietrosanti (naif) wrote:
> i'd like to suggest to introduce "Subject" tagging for the osmocom
> mailing lists.

NAK. It really pollutes the subject line.

> Almost all ml i'm subscribed are Subject tagged with [MailingListName]
> prepended to the subject.

They are all doinitrong. It has quite likely become so widespread
because it is controlled by a setting in the GNU Mailman software
which is enabled by default.

> Hope can be considered a nice suggestion, to improve the usability
> of mlist.

Please set up filters in your email software that make use one of the
many unique headers added by the mailing list, all of which keep the
subject line free from noise. Almost all lists I'm subscribed to do
not have a stupid prefix in the subject.


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