Unfix BUG in GSM322.c and prim_pm.c

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rola roladunjoye at gmail.com
Tue May 29 15:35:39 UTC 2012

Hi Sylvain,

I've been going through the code all the while and making sure
that I set all the parameters as it should be before making any 
response to your reply. During this course I stumbled on the 
list modified file with changes made before 850 and 1900 bands
could be supported by Osmocom-BB 
I performed some
tests and I have my observation below.

I tested with two different working registered SIMs from two different 
GSM carriers.One of the SIMs stuck in the processing of reading SIM
information and the work with an hitch. My best guess reason for the
first SIM stuck situation is the SIM reader inability to retrieve large
supported PLM list stored in the SIM. I presumed this by comparing 
the result of the same SIM file request number to the outcome of
the second SIM.

The second SIM works perfectly, retrieved every SIM request
information except for the previously stored scanned cell-info.
Comparing the outcome of the SIM request file number to those 
posted by others on the mailing-list made me concluded that the unable 
information to be retrieved is the previously cell-scanned info.

Though this anomaly does not affect continuous functioning of the
mobile application but it affects the power scan state. Ordinary 
power scanning of the cell could have been done initially with the 
stored cell-info in the SIM but that is not the case. Due to this
the scan state starts with all available cells around.
I performed all the above test using Pirelli-dpl10. 

My question is could there be anything missing out in the process
of adopting PCS1900. I ask this because when never I configure
to use 850 band only, I do not not have any error except for the
fact that the carriers only use 1900band in my area.

Secondly, could inability to retrieve stored cell-info be due to different
in ARFCN. Because I have only seen people being successful with 850 band
and not 1900. My test of 850 with Pirelli ended with scanning stage of
fbsb without any info. I know that will not work because I've tried manually
selecting 850 on my regular phone ending with no service. So my hunch 
is still that somewhere along the line ARFCN for PCS1900 got tangled.

Now my contentions are,

1. Inability to read previously stored cell-info.
2. Breakdown of power scan for ARFCN of PCS1900 

I will be so grateful if these angles can be look into.
Thank you.



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