Unfix BUG in GSM322.c and prim_pm.c

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rola roladunjoye at gmail.com
Mon May 21 13:07:51 UTC 2012

Hi All,

Many of us are striving to find a way to make use of OBB but due
to limited knowledge of programming we get stuck at one point
or the other. I've tried to make OBB work for me but nothing
has happened.

I've passed through the level of installation and file configuration
with everything set except for an assuming bug left unfix in
gsm322.c or prim_pm.c.

This bug is at the point of power measurement when cell selection is
in the state of any cell. The first band is always measured accurately
while the next band range works at layer1 with no response back to mobile.
Due to this, the same second band range power is measured twice 
and that leads to overwriting error.

I've look through the code to figure out where it is appropriate to make
correction in order for the process to flow accordingly. But, in as much
as I try, I end back at the same spot of not knowing where to effect
a change.

Two conspicuous identifiable issues are:

1. PCS arfcn range calculation seems to be incorrect. The initial arfcn and
are passed with extremely high range values in reverse order.

2. Perhaps as a result of the above, no response of measured power is
feed back to mobile and that breakdown the program flow in gsm322.c.
Thereby causing the same erring band to be measured twice and stuck in
that cycle of measurement.

I just need a guidance on what changes to make in order to fix these issues.

I will greatly appreciate it if the only response is just to confirm if I'm
or wrong in my assumptions.




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