Return value for fucntion class_of_band in gsm322.c

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rola roladunjoye at
Fri May 18 20:08:33 UTC 2012

Hi All,

I just need a quick clarification on the return value of the
function class_of_band in gsm332.c. The switch
portion of the function takes care of other bands except 
900 band which happen to be isolated separately after the
switch statement. By that the 900 band is set to be default
and only band to be used. I just want to know if this is deliberate
or an oversight. If this situation is actually what I have in mind,
I think it will definitely have effect on anyone trying to use
Osmocom-bb for other band beside 900.

I've been trying to get OBB work for PCS that happen to be only
working GSM band in my location with no avail. For this, I need to
know if including the 900 band as part of the switch statement
will resolve the problem of having PCS band not working. Also is
that the only section that need to be corrected in order for 
PCS band to camp and register with any approved cell in a location.

Thank you.



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