The SMOS project / 72h civil emergency communications system

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Kalle Pietila kalle.pietila at
Sun May 20 19:57:55 UTC 2012

Thanks Paul for pointing to this Softbank's press release. Japanese
have recently witnessed their local need for civil emergency
communications and they also have money to make it happen, not to
mention good supporting infrastructure already in place. So it was
just matter of time to see someone there addressing this problem. I
guess in Japan there is no such earthquake that could compromise the
functionality of their mobile core (or at least locals think so). So
it is then "just" matter of deploying new balloon-basestations to the
disaster area. Someone will go there to the washed-out area with all
the required gear, and raise a new BTS-balloon every 3km. On poor
countries it will remain as a different story however.

it would be interesting to see what kind is that Softbank Mobile's
Balloon-BTS proof of concept. I do not know about Softbank but I just
directly assume that an operator do not have their own BTS R&D. They
must be relying on some existing technology and just make it fly with
the balloon. Keeping in mind that one weather sounding balloon can
raise 500g payload and probably they will need to feed the power via
some sort of cable from the ground level up to the high. So very
interesting to follow-up how this all will be implemented in practice.

 Best Wishes,

      - Kalle

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> On 17 May 2012 08:17, Alexander Chemeris <alexander.chemeris at> wrote:
>> Have you thought about using a balloon for carrying a BTS instead of
>> dropping to a ground? This would give you much better coverage easily
>> then on-the-ground installation.
> It appears Softbank Mobile have!
> (also I emailed the OP about Telecom Sans Frontier )
> Good luck,
> Paul

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