The SMOS project / 72h civil emergency communications system

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Kalle Pietila kalle.pietila at
Wed May 16 18:28:03 UTC 2012

Dear baseband enthusiasts,

on SMOS project we had this crazy idea for catastrophe communications
in which cellular base stations would be miniaturized enough to be
airdropped into disaster zones. We felt that this might
be possible if all functionality except SMS was stripped from the base
stations (hence SMOS, SMS Our Souls). Most ideally such technology
would come in near cellphone size (excluding batteries), something
like osmocom's earlier "Phone acting as BTS" hackwork.

We did not have the guts nor skills to start doing this by ourselves,
so we just published our findings and studies under Creative Commons
BY license. As we wish to keep this idea open to everyone, our
web-documentation would benefit on this regard from some more in-depth
HW-related analysis and suggestions  (our team fell short on this
area). Once it's all published, it cannot be patented. I personally
see some humanitarian & karma-improving angle in doing it this way.
Helping human kinds in disaster should not be bound by patent laws.

So I'm asking for constructive criticism and also offering possibility
to write some informal blogs about your views on (with our team's editorial support) . At the
same time it should be noted that such technically oriented blog
writings at my friends' site would likely reach 50
readers at most. To put it more nicely, reaching the widest possible
audience is not our focus here anyways.

My technical vision is presented at
.. and the full list of formal documents at end of . The other provided background
material might be even more valuable to those that start considering
this idea more seriously.

So, For instance, can stripping  down the functionality just to
supporting SMS delivery bring down the power consumption in any
significant manner?

Thanks and regards,

  Kalle Pietilä

P.S. Mailed to this list as suggested by Harald.

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