Sagem OT-290 trace phone / GSMTAP integration

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Denis 'GNUtoo' Carikli GNUtoo at
Tue May 8 16:27:02 UTC 2012

On Monday, May 07, 2012 01:20:31 PM Tyson Key wrote:
> Hi list,
Hi, and sorry for the delay of responding. 
> Although I'm unfamiliar with how things work in Osmocom,
That doesn't seem a problem at all.
The goal is only to interface the trace phone with wireshark trough gsmtap.
> I've previously
> worked on Wireshark dissectors for USB-encapsulated AT commands, and
> various NFC/smartcard-related protocols (PN532, FeliCa and MiFare);
I never worked on wireshark but that seem a usefull skill.
> and am also familiar with Nokia's proprietary ISI baseband protocol,
good, I know a bit ISI too but not too much in detail(I was involved in the 
port of SHR and freesmartphone to the nokia n900).
That skill can help a lot too.
> and parts of
> ETSI's GSM/UMTS specifications - so this sort of stuff isn't totally alien
> to me.

I don't know which one of us has the higher chances to succeed, but since you 
are willing to do it, and that you seem to have the required skills, and that 
I can work on other things as well(for instance finish the port nuttx to the 
calypso phones), I would say that you can take the phone assuming you really 
work on it and I hope you'll succeed.
I wish you good luck.

Also Harald Welte said:
>The majority of what those phones can do is now also possible with
And I've already two osmocomBB compatibles phone(the freerunner and the c155).
Altough I did not yet analyze the GSM protocol yet apart looking briefly at my 
own gsm packets without understanding the details, I'm still learning how the 
GSM protocol(Um and Abis) work(I only know the big picture so far) with the 
online slides of Joachim Göller.

I'll also try to find out about all the other features of osmocombb, to look if 
they are really usefull for development in the GSM protocol,and how to use 
them legally in Europe.

So far I was concentrated on nuttx and only tried some of the osmocombb 
features recently(like the gsmtap/wireshark integration on the master branch).


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