Poll: Osmocom meeting 25th of July?

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Peter Stuge peter at stuge.se
Sun Jul 22 20:27:29 UTC 2012

Pierre Pronchery wrote:
> > I don't have much of an agenda to suggest though..
> If I join we could have a look at the current state of Osmocom on NetBSD :)

Sure thing!

> Another idea would be to check how to facilitate code re-use of the
> osmocon loader for other applications to load the firmware (like using
> the internal serial line on the Openmoko).

This is a good idea as well.

> > I would be happy to talk about what I have learned about the Nokia
> > MetroSite BTS, maybe show how to commission it and so on.
> Is it the same that we used during the last CCC Camp?

Yes, same kind but a different unit.


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