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Alexander Huemer alexander.huemer at xx.vu
Tue Jul 17 13:10:15 UTC 2012

Hi George,

On Tue, Jul 17, 2012 at 02:04:16PM +0300, George Carpenter wrote:
> [...]
> Also I see that although I am trying to devote sometime, there are always
> some expected problems. These problems are usually solved if you read the
> mailing list or ask help from IRC, but in many cases this takes a lot of
> effort and after some hours and painkillers, you cannot figure out  how to
> solve a problem.
Maybe that's a question of tools.
There are no public IRC logs of the #osmocom channel that I know of.
I don't know whether publishing logs would comply with the freenode TOS
and if the project leader would agree with that, it could be discussed
Since the mailing list is mailman driven there are archives which can be
downloaded and tools so you can convert these archives in mbox/maildir
format and therefor search them with e.g. notmuchmail.

> Just to mention the latest FULL LRAM compile problem that
> exists since the start of the year. Yesterday I was trying all day to find
> a solution, but there were a lot of candidate solutions and patches, but
> none was solving the actual problem. This would have saved me a lot of time
> if this was mentioned in the wiki and if someone had devoted some time to
> print 2 lines of comment or directions on how to solve or explain to many
> people that it is not solved.
In my opinion it is quite obvious what to do: update the wiki.
Everybody can get an account.

> Because I see that no one from the persons that have real skills and
> knowledge of this project spares some time to update and evolve the
> OsmocomBB wiki,
I think the quality of the *.osmocom.org wikis is very high.

>I propose to create some “booty”, so we get a proper wiki
> for this project and the person or persons that will create this will be
> “rewarded” for their time and effort. I know that knowledge has no price,
> but I propose to create a “booty” bank with either money or/and services
> or/and equipment. Anything that any individual can contribute.
Where would this money/services/equipment come from?

> I think this will boost the quality of this project and will be something
> interesting for some newbie to get involved.
Again, if you find something out, why not just add it to the wiki?

> Some things that I found that this project needs is a newbie/getting
> started wiki. Detailed and with information and explanation as you were
> talking to a 5 year old child. This should include detailed information on
> what equipment and first things to do before you even start your first
> attempt to load any code to the phone and then how to load the first
> firmware and load the first application. I really liked the srlabs
> instructions about gprs and gsmmap. It was a good way to start and it was a
> step by step manual and easy to understand.
To me there is no compelling reason to split the existing wiki. If the
documented steps to get started are not verbose enough, this can be
improved. Fragmentation isn't very likely to improve the overall
documentation quality.

> A full list of existing applications. This will include detailed
> explanation of each application and it’s capabilities. Also how to load
> them, all the application parameters and what you can do with them.
I am not aware of an 'application' that is not documented in the wiki.
If that's the case, start a new wiki page! A stub is better than
nothing, questions can be asked on IRC...

> A hints/tips list. This will be some useful information about the OsmocomBB
> project. What to do and not to do. For example if the loader shows always
> the FMTOOL message and what o do in similar situations. To take extra
> caution to the physical contact of the cable, etc. Issues that are
> encountered and are standard to the project.
You just created some documentation. All that is left is to add it to
the already existing wiki.
> [...]
> A todo list. This refers to the masters of this project. That is because
> they usually show the direction of the project. They who have deep
> knowledge of this project can show where this project is heading for. So a
> todo list to get there will be nice. You never know, even a newbie may
> solve an issue that is it totally new to the project, just to evolve the
> whole project. Right now I do not find any reference or it is very
> difficult to know (even the masters of OsmocomBB) where this project is
> heading to.
This was discussed before. Not only at osmocom.org, but also at the LKML
and other places. The consensus was always that people who understand
the codebase also see what is left to do. a TODO list has not much value
without knowledge and the skill level to implement missing features.

> A full GSM documentation. This will include detailed documents and
> references on each and every aspect of GSM technology. I am talking for an
> encyclopedia of everything that is referred in GSM technology.  I think
> this is very important to have all the information that is needed all in
> one place and updated on any occasion. This is very important for someone
> who really want to get involved in the project. This can also include 3G
> and future communication technologies. I am talking for the bible of
> communications. Of course one step at a time. I know that all the
> information that we need is out there on the net, but all the information
> gathered in one place and shorted by an expert would be the ultimate tool.
I agree that this would be useful. There are some places on the internet
like gsmfordummies that try to do that, but there is undoubted room for
To do something like that would mean a massive lot of work. Who should
do that?

> [...]

Kind regards,
-Alexander Huemer

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