Sony Ericsson J100a (GSM-850 / GSM-1900), i can't configure Radio.

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G¢mez Nahuel Lucas g3260 at
Fri Jul 13 03:44:18 UTC 2012


I am new to the mailing list.

I have a Sony Ericsson J100a phone (GSM-850 / GSM-1900)The problem is that 
I can not make calls and send SMS.
I think the problem I have is with the configuration of the stage of Radio 
the phone, it seems that the SIM card is properly read.

I leave it attached the console output of osmocom.

OsmocomBB# show subscriber
Mobile Subscriber of MS '1':
  IMSI: 72231001*******
  ICCID: 8954310111*********
  Service Provider Name: Claro AR
  SMS Service Center Address: +543200000001
  Status: U1_UPDATED  IMSI detached  TSMI 0x65945b7c
          LAI: MCC 722  MNC 310  LAC 0x0c29  (Argentina, CTI PCS S.A)
  Key: sequence 1  ec 94 74 df fa 7c 69 fb
  Registered PLMN: MCC 722  MNC 310  (Argentina, CTI PCS S.A)
  Access barred cells: no
  Access classes: C1
  List of forbidden PLMNs:
         MCC    |MNC    |cause
         722    |34     |#255        (Argentina, 34)
         722    |07     |#255        (Argentina, 07)
         155    |0xff4    |#255        (155, 0xff4)

OsmocomBB# show ms
MS '1' is up, service is limited
   IMEI: 010848*********
      IMEISV: 010848**********
      IMEI generation: fixed
   automatic network selection state: A1 trying RPLMN
                                      MCC=722 MNC=310 (Argentina, CTI PCS 
   cell selection state: C1 normal cell selection
   radio ressource layer state: idle
   mobility management layer state: MM idle, PLMN search


Are missing information, please let me know to attach.

Thank you very much.

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