Open GSM firmware - OsmocomBB supports Neo FreeRunner

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Martix at
Tue Jul 10 11:14:21 UTC 2012


There is some GTA02 support in OsmocomBB project. You can flash open 
source firmware for TI Calypso GSM modem.

Did anybody tried this firmware on his Neo FreeRunner? What's your 
experience? Is it usable with SHR or Qt Moko like old proprietary 
firmware? Calls, SMS, GPRS, SIM load/store (contacts, SMSs) works? How 
many successfully flashed devices are here? And how many bricks? ;-)

I know about OsmocomBB from beginning, but Openmoko smartphones support 
wasn't priority for them. I'm glad to see some progress on GTA02.

Did leaked documentation and proprietary firmware source codes helped 

Best Regards,


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