[PATCH] firmware/rssi: attempt to resync on sync errors

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Nico Golde osmocom at ngolde.de
Tue Jul 10 10:03:26 UTC 2012

* Andreas Eversberg <andreas at eversberg.eu> [2012-07-10 11:59]:
> Nico Golde wrote:
> >+static void retry_sync(void)
> >+{
> >+    exit_sync();
> >+    toggle_dcs_pcs();
> >+    enter_sync();
> >+}
> >+
> i see 2 problems:
> why do you toggle dcs/pcs? if you select dcs (default), but like to
> sync to pcs, just push the function key, then sync.

To be honest, for a very pragmatic reason. I never 
successfully resynced without toggling the pcs if I just 
call enter_sync() in a loop.

> if no sync is possible at all, your patch ends up in an endless loop.
> (or am i wrong?)

Yes but the key handler to leave the loop is still working. 
Maybe it would be a better solution to set a timer and a 
retry attempt counter and stop this after n attempts. For me 
this endless loop was sufficient for now.


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