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Gabriele.rago gabriele.rago at
Mon Jul 2 21:02:31 UTC 2012

Hello all,

I am using osmocomm (branch sylvain) on a motorola C140.

I have uncommented the line "#define DEBUG" on
src/target/firmware/calypso/sim.c and recompiled.

I have connected an interface between my PC and phone sim slot ( a pl2303
usb module, with a diode between TXD and RXD and a 22K resistor between +5V
and RXD).

Now I have opened the serial port on my PC with these settings:

baud rate = 9600

databits = 8

parity = even

stopbits = 2

and I am sending the byte "3B" to the phone, but I see in osmocon console:

"SIM-ISR:  Waiting for read (9B)..." (id est the phone seems like to
receive "9B" instead of "3B"),

where I am wrong?

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