Sagem OT-290 trace phone / GSMTAP integration

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Thomas Bertani mail at
Sun Jul 22 11:56:09 UTC 2012

Hi list,

I'm an information engineering student interested in working on
embedded systems and tlc (especially I would like to get deep into
firmware coding and dsp). In the last years I have been an active
member of the italian openmoko community so I'm familiar with gta0X
phones (I owned a gta02, now I have only a gta01). Two years ago I've
worked at the Trento's research center on the n900 while today I'm
working at a tlc company in Padua.
Even if it's not what I'm working on at the moment, I'd like to spend
some of my time by working on the GSMTAP integration of the Sagem
Is there any news about that? Since the last message on this thread
was posted more than 2 months ago I wanted to know whether anyone was
already working on it.

Thomas Bertani

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