Receiving on TS=1 ?

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Altaf altaf329 at
Fri Jul 20 13:38:59 UTC 2012

Hello Sylvain

I am using the burst_ind branch and have some doubts.

I am using a test network, and it has no encryption. Usually the n/w has a
low load and the channel structure followed during the assignment is  
SDCCH/4 + SACCH/C4 or CBCH(SDCCH/4). and timeslot 0 .

The ccch_scan is able to capture the SMS sent on timeslot 0 and also only
one of the subchannel as per the above assignment.  

Just for testing, When I use two phones and send an SMS from both of them
simultaneously both are assigned timeslot 0 and different subchannels.
CCCH_scan could capture only one SMS. meaning that it could only get one

Am I right about ccch_scan or does it have the capability to get a complete
timeslot. ?

Thank you 


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