problems after last update

Vic Delorge cityhnet at
Mon Dec 24 05:25:37 UTC 2012

hello first off al these phone's and tools RULE .
i already tested a couple branches . burst_ind work'd and captured packet's
, sylvain/testing also worked a week or 2 ago and i could make a call en
see it in wireshark :) .
but now i saw that there were some updates in the sylvain testing branch
 i updated like the sim reader page on the wiki told me .
 could it be that the last commits broke the sylvain/testing branch ?
 i get error while loading
 i followed the tutorial on the wiki for sim reader . 2 weeks ago it worked
fine .
checked the code in the last updates and it seems that lib osmocore is now
changed ?
or am i doing wrong ??
thx in advance
grts vic
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