restart layer1 from remote?

Tim Ehlers osmocom at
Mon Dec 10 13:36:23 UTC 2012


I have the problem, that after running for quite a while, lets say a week, 
the layer1 seems to crash. This crash is random and only happens on single 
phones (I have 6 phones connected to one mobile app).

This phone is unusable, even after "shutdown/no shutdown" or complete 
restart of mobile, this phone stays like this:

OsmocomBB# show ms 3
MS '3' is up, service is limited
      IMEI generation: fixed
   automatic network selection state: A1 trying RPLMN
                                      MCC=262 MNC=07 (Germany, O2)
   cell selection state: C1 normal cell selection
   radio ressource layer state: idle
   mobility management layer state: MM idle, PLMN search

By restarting the phone (pressing power on the phone, and reloading 
layer1) its working again. But this need physical access to the phone.

Is there a way to somehow "reboot" or restart the layer1 by software? And 
if not, could that easily be implemented?



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