Any interest for Osmocom meetings in Bavaria ?

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Martin Auer osmocom at
Thu Aug 16 19:21:20 UTC 2012

Am 16.08.2012 um 14:20 schrieb "Dieter Spaar" <spaar at>:

> So far three persons have indicated their interest to join
> a meeting at my place.

> Considering the time it takes to drive to my place, it
> probably makes sense to have the meeting at the weekend
> (either Saturday or Sunday) so that there is more time
> for the meeting itself. I can suggest one of the following
> dates for the first meeting, somewhere between 10:00 to 
> 18:00 on each day:
Sounds good to me.

>   25.8. (Sa) or 26.8. (Su)
both possible or me

>    1.9. (Sa) or  2.9. (Su)

I prefer Sa, Su not possible

>    8.9. (Sa) or  9.9. (Su)
I prefer Sa, Su might also work

> So please let me know when you have time and also make
> suggestions in which Osmocom topic you are interested
> in so that we can have some sort of agenda for the
> meeting to make best use of the time.

As I was only playing around with and having basic knowledge in GSM and other 3GPP protocols I am open to every topic. Tetra is of interest for me because of the "Digitaler Behördenfunk" (firefighters) and I am especially interested in anything SIGTRAN-related.

> Best regards,
>  Dieter
> -- 
> Dieter Spaar, Germany                           spaar at

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