[PATCH] change the keypad layout and the uart port number for the Pirelli DP-L10

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Marco Schwan Marco_Schwan at arcor.de
Tue Aug 14 19:48:23 UTC 2012


Sorry. I had forgot to attach the patch.
The patch is tested with the Pirelli DP-L10 and the Motorola C123.



2012/8/14 Peter Stuge <peter at stuge.se>:
> Marco Schwan wrote:
>> I have create a new patch. The patch select the uart at run time.
> Please send it. Your email had no attachment. Remember to create a
> commit using git with a nice commit message, and run git format-patch
> to get the patch file. Alternatively, you can run git send-email to
> send commits directly via email, but that requires a bit more
> configuration.
> //Peter
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