should we continue to focus on nuttx?

Gregory Nutt spudarnia at
Mon Apr 30 21:14:23 UTC 2012

> First all sorry top-posting...

Hmmm... I did that too.

> NuttX also have support to dot-matrix displays, see this "mp3 player" running NuttX:

I'm not certain, but I don't think that this example is using any of the
 NuttX graphics facilities.  I am not sure what he is doing, but the 
fonts don't look familiar (NuttX supports 17 different  Helvetica and Times Roman 
fonts) and the drawing certainly does not come from Nuttx.  I don't have
 any good demos of the graphics from NuttX but they are all rendered as 
"3-D" images.  I've attached the output of the button array unit test to
 give you a better idea of what I mean.

(That attached PNG came from here:

This button array, by the way, can used with a touchscreen as an 
on-screen keyboard (with the output going to an edit box).  "Widgets" 
like this have already been used to implement the complete GUI for a 
medical device.

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