MTK and Infineon-based phones

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Martin Hinner martin at
Mon Nov 28 13:33:01 UTC 2011

On Mon, Nov 28, 2011 at 9:15 AM, Mielczarczyk Marcin
<marcin.mielczarczyk at> wrote:
> Files are deleted by purpose. This code is probably uploaded by customer of
> Mediatek platform (some phone producer), and they don't get source code for
> all of the parts. Most probably even in Mediatek company L1 and DSP code is
> shared as libraries and only people working on development of these parts
> have access to source code.

There are some files missing so you cannot even link the project into
binary... but I agree that some missing files are due to lib-only
distribution of the platform files.

> These files are responsible for uploading of DSP patches and are crucial to
> understand upload process. I tried with Krzysztof Antonowicz to upload some
> DSP code and try execute it using routines from these files but no successes
> at all. I described some of them on the wiki as you probably saw.

I know, I have already disassembled all of this and it all makes sense.

> than static analysis. As I written before, I focused so much on getting
> execution of my code on DSP, that when it didn't work I gave up. But it's
> not the way to go. As you have written, libraries are pretty readable and

Can you share you DSP work with me? You can mail it directly to me so
as we're not posting useless data on the mailing list (at least for
most people).

I have extracted the patching code from binary (it's 8192 bytes long),
there are 2 of them. I do not have any disassembler for AD's DSPs, so
I had to do it manually, but the code did not match any opcodes (the
resulting code did not make any sense).


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