MTK and Infineon-based phones

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Marcin Mielczarczyk marcin.mielczarczyk at
Sun Nov 27 00:17:37 UTC 2011

Hi Martin,

> On the other hand, I have access to very cheap phones using Infineon
> PMB7880 (C166 + DSP) or MTK (ARM9) chipsets.

Note, that on the market there is much more Mediatek phones based on ARM7
(MT622x) than on ARM9 (MT623x).
I mainly focused on MT623x series of Mediatek SoC, which is based on
ARM926EJ-S with MMU support.
My Linux port for this architecture didn't touch L1 at all. I focused first
on getting "application" cpu up and running.
This went quite well and then I tried to understand how L1 works.
Writing driver for MT6140 helped me understand basics of baseband part of
the phone.
I managed to configure TX path to transfer data on given frequency and
after that I had to have DSP running to send "proper" data.
I got stack on DSP part, because I tried first to download firmware from
DSP ROM. This didn't work out so far.
Better approach would be to disassemble and understand DSP-ARM API and use
it as it is, without firmware changing for now.
Unfortunately I couldn't find time to work on that due to my professional
Anyway, all the links are already given in this thread and that's the
current status. I described all my findings on OsmocomBB wiki.

@Wolfram: I'll probably submit barebox port with update of Mediatek kernel
code to 3.2 kernel version.

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