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Juantxi juantxipazos at
Tue Nov 29 08:02:48 UTC 2011

> While some users have had success using cygwin, it is not a platform
> that we support.  You're mostly on your own here, and should probably
> have some experience with fixing up smaller issues related to the cygwin
> API differences and how git behaves on your platform.

compilation process using CygWin is OK!

need socket.c change:
int osmo_sockaddr_is_local(struct sockaddr *addr, unsigned int addrlen)

In linux use old slackware live cd
because I have only 1 laptop 256MB 20MB hard disk 800MHz
same versions are identical in cygwin other no

  autotool -> not install
  shtool   -> not install
  make 3.81 YES
  automake 1.11.1 YES
  libtool 2.4 YES
  pkg-config 0.23 YES
  autoconf 2.68 YES
  M4 1.4.16 - YES
  git YES
  gcc 3.4.4 YES
  g++ 4.5.3 NO! older in wifislax 3.4.4
  gnuarm bu-2.17 gcc 4.1.1 NO! older in my linux gnuarm 3.4.3

my problem is:

"MAKE: no rules for handlers.p"

very rare! but ...

"continue in next weeks"

ja ja ja

good bye

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