Diff between TWL3014 and TWL3025

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Michael Sokolov msokolov at ivan.Harhan.ORG
Fri Nov 18 22:42:01 UTC 2011

Steve Markgraf <steve at steve-m.de> wrote:

> Search Google for "TWL3025 SWRS021", last hit.

Thanks, got it.  (In my case it was the middle of the 3 results rather
than the last.)

I wonder about all these Chinese websites...  It looks like they have
a healthier attitude about sharing this kind of stuff than the
Westerners do.

So far we've known about 52rd.com hosting "contraband" phone handset
chip documents, and now we know there's also baisi.net...  But I find
it strange that only PDF datasheets and PPT presentations have been
found so far, and not, for example, any of the source/object-mix
packages that must have been given for the firmware side of things
by TI et al to the same folks (phone makers?) to whom they've given
the chip docs.  NDA etc issues ought to be the same...  Or maybe I
just haven't been looking hard enough...  Would anyone here perchance
happen to have a link to some place on one of those Chinese sites that
has the original FW source (or semi-source, as in bits of source mixed
with binary object blobs) for the Leonardo reference board or for some
other Calypso-based HW version that's more readily available (as in HW
availability) than the famous TSM30 version?

(I realize that it would never be acceptable to use any such code in a
 Western FOSS project like OsmocomBB, but I would still *love* to take
 a peek at the original code for some phone whose HW is better
 understood and/or more readily available than the TSM30.)

> Both TWL3014 and TWL3025 are Iota, TWL3016 is Syren.

Hmm.  I agree that TWL3025 must be some equivalent Iota variant, and I
think you are right about TWL3016 being Syren: the Rita_intro.pdf
document in my collection (see my FTP site) says "It is compatible
with Iota (TWL3014) and Syren (TWL3016) ABB chips".  However, the
Iota_intro.pdf document (same FTP site) shows the Nausica->Iota->Syren
evolutionary line and lists Syren as EDGE-capable.  But Sylvain says
TWL3016 doesn't do EDGE either.  Hmm.  Are you sure?


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