burst_ind not working

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Dario Lombardo dario.lombardo at libero.it
Fri Nov 11 10:49:17 UTC 2011

Hi guys
I'm not able to use cell_log under the burst_ind branch.
I checkout the master, compile and run osmocon/cell_log. Everything works
(I can see the cells).
I checkout the branch, recompile, and run the same commands as before, but
I get from layer1:

PM MEAS: ARFCN=71, 0    dBm at baseband, -138 dBm at RF
DSP Error Status: 8
PM MEAS: ARFCN=72, 0    dBm at baseband, -138 dBm at RF
DSP Error Status: 8
PM MEAS: ARFCN=73, 0    dBm at baseband, -138 dBm at RF

for every arfcn. Cell_log doesn't log anything:

<000e> cell_log.c:359 Measurement done
<000e> cell_log.c:368 Measure from 0 to 124
<000e> cell_log.c:368 Measure from 512 to 885
<000e> cell_log.c:368 Measure from 955 to 1023

I don't think it's a hardware problem, since it works with master. Am I
missing something in the branch?
Is anyone experiencing the same problem?
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