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Tobias Engel t-osmocombb at tobias.org
Fri Dec 30 19:36:26 UTC 2011

Hi Marc,

if you mean GSM/UMTS SMS when sent from a phone (MO, mobile originated),
the answer is no.

There is not even a field for the sender number in MO SMS, as it gets
inserted by the SMSC.

If you send SMS via an SMS provider who has a direct link to some
operators SMSC, you can set the sender field to any value, including an
empty field.

As for silent SMS, they can be sent from most phones / UMTS sticks with
AT commands by setting the TP-PID value to 64. Some operators however
reset that value to 0 so the message arrives as a normal SMS at its
destination - you have to try in advance.

For the actual coding of the TP-PDU take a look at 3GPP 23.040 and for
the AT commands for sending SMS 3GPP 27.005.


On 28.12.2011 21:16, MArc Richter wrote:
> Hey!
> So is it possibel to to hide the sender extension with SMS ?
> regards
> Marc

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