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Ethan Brown evandersh at gmail.com
Mon Dec 19 15:36:19 UTC 2011


The command SIM_JOB_RUN_GSM_ALGO fails on one of my sim cards.  Here is the
log from mobile app:

<0005> gsm48_mm.c:1637 AUTHENTICATION REQUEST (seq

<0005> subscriber.c:957 Generating KEY at

<000f> sim.c:209 got new job: SIM_JOB_RUN_GSM_ALGO

<000f> sim.c:539 RUN GSM

<000f> sim.c:187 sending APDU (class 0xa0, ins 0x88, data=a0 88 00 00 10 92
15 a4 00 40 78 f7 7e b0 8c 31 19 99 56 01 93 )
<000f> sim.c:877 received APDU (len=0 sw1=0x00

<000f> sim.c:953 command

<000f> sim.c:151 sending result to callback function

<0005> subscriber.c:991 key generation on SIM failed (cause 2)

And this is the log from L1:

SIM Request (21): a0 88 00 00 10 92 15 a4 00 40 78 f7 7e b0 8c 31 19 99 56
01 93
Triggering SIM transmission Character underflow!Triggering SIM reception
Max characters received!SIM: ACK does not match request, response[0]=60,
SIM Response (2): 00 00

The SIM I used for that test is somewhat different than other SIMs I have
tested and worked before.  I attached a picture of two SIMs I used.  The
green SIM is the one that fails running SIM_JOB_RUN_GSM_ALGO.  The white
one works perfectly.
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