Creating a real usable phone using OsmocomBB

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Martin Hinner martin at
Tue Dec 13 17:01:44 UTC 2011


 my 2 cents to the topic: I think the discussed situation (or target
audience) will change rapidly if there is open-source "mobile phone",
easy-to-configure, but for modern "low-cost" chipsets. Chinese
manufacturers will then very likely use the code for mass-production.
With CE certification/etc. I think that most of low-cost phones that
come from China use Infineon ULC eGOLDvoice or MTK.

 I know one importer of Chinese phones who was complaining about
problems during development (mainly user interface stuff). Having
possibility to use open-source and change it the way they like would
definitely be interesting for them.

 And regarding argument about legality of modifying firmware in WiFi
devices, there is a huge difference. Re-flashing AP with Linux
(openwrt/etc) does not change anything in RF layer. osmocomBB is now
mostly about playing with RF :-).


PS: Has anyone  access to Infineon ULC (C166) reference design kit
code (or some source code or more detailed datasheets) ?

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