Creating a real usable phone using OsmocomBB

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Paul Wise pabs3 at
Tue Dec 13 02:40:19 UTC 2011

As a gta02 owner, I am biased towards that.

As a lurker and osmocom supporter, the C1xx phones seem to have more
of a future.

I also wonder which work will also help for future ports such as MTK.

The main issue with creating a usable phone though is getting people
to use it. For gta02 you can simply get osmocombb included in SHR,
QtMoko, Debian etc and voilà, instant users who care about software
freedom. For C1xx you would need to create a user community from
scratch and do a lot of work to reach the people who might be

In both cases there is the whole legality/certification hurdle though.


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