Creating a real usable phone using OsmocomBB

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Peter Stuge peter at
Tue Dec 13 08:30:17 UTC 2011

Harald Welte wrote:
> There are probably a number of external references that need to be
> resolved (we don't have a full libc/libm in the target),

Look at libpayload. It's a libc-like project for writing coreboot
payloads, ie. running on bare metal, and implements some of libc
either on it's own or by borrowing from other OS projects. BSD

> Also, the current 'mobile' code probably needs to be split into the
> actual 'logic' code (L2, L3, cell [re]selection, etc.) and the
> 'application' part (the VTY based interface we have right now).

I think this is a great first step, and a very easy way to get
involved for someone who is not yet so experienced with GSM, but
already has a good understanding of C on PCs.


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