Preparing mobile for osmocombb

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dexter zero-kelvin at
Mon Aug 22 09:44:07 UTC 2011

Hi Pavel.

> Do I need to prepare my phone for uploading the firmware with osmocon tool?

No dirty tricks ;-)

> I tried to load firmware on Motorola C118 and C115 with Prolific PL2303 USB
> to serial adaptor (computer->usb->com->3.5mm jack->2.5mm jack->phone) and
> when I briefly press the power-on button of my phone as it's stated in
> manual - I got no response from phone. Seems it does nothing. Cable seems to
> be working, because it detect contact with phone's 2.5mm socket when I plug
> it into phone as - 'got 1 bytes from modem, data looks like: 00 .'.

When i test my cables i prefer the following test procedure:

Plug the cable in, use a terminal program (e.g. gtkterm or cu) to 
connect at 115200 baud. Press the powerbutton. You should now see 
someting like fmttool error and some garbeled chars. This indicates that 
the Connection from the Phone to the PC works properly.

Then unplug the cable, short circuit the last 2 pins on the audio jack 
and type some chars. The chars should be echoed on the screen. This 
verifies the correct function of the sender (PC to the Phone)

When these 2 tests are passing properly you can be sure that your cable 
is working properly.

PS: Try to get a FTDI cable or build one yourself - FTDI is a lot better 
than the Prolific and it enables you to use the burst_ind branch.


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