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Wed Sep 8 08:43:25 UTC 2010


> ok, i see that there is also a "one shot" scheduler with full frame
> number range. (sched_gsmtime.c) i think that i can use this to modify
> the current channel set. i have code to test it.

Yes, I'm pretty sure that's the one I pointed you to. That's the one used  
for RACH scheduling as well.

> i don't know if the
> callback function of the scheduled event is called before or after the
> actual transmission/reception of the burst, which also sets the right
> frequency. even if not, there will be only one frame lost.

It's undefined I think. Because the one-shot scheduler will push it's event  
in the same pool as the other events once in range.

But a priority associated with each task would be useful. Something like:

-1 Before any burst
0...7 Timeslot (so that task can be scheduled in order of timeslot, would  
allow sdcch [4..7] )
8 After all bursts

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