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Sun Oct 3 20:54:45 UTC 2010

Hello Sylvain ,

Apologies to disturb you people. I can see you all are too busy to give this
osmocombb a final shape. good luck , i again say it was gra8 idea and gr8

Also thanks to clear up my mind doubts and misconceptions.

I just seeking list members  help to give me advise only where to start in
order to create a API to tune specific ARFCN and TS when DSP is
configured in Speech processing mode, though i have check you source code
and it is easy to understand from where to change the parameter to change
ARFCN , even layer2/3 is able to do that, but whether DSP flags/resistors
will be in TCH burst reception mode. i could understand so far that TPU will
be involved somewhere, but only stucked at point where i'm suspecting if the
present source code hacked and i change ARFCN and TS if DSP(Calypso ) will
be in TCH/ speech coding mode or not ?
whether Layer 2/3 application will change ARFCN but still keeps DPS in
fictionally to process GSM burts to  TCH/Speech
and can change to Audio , what interrupts/flags/register  used to fetch the
 burst from ADC in ABB  , how does it sequenced and done BB processing, even
TSM30Layer1 is not providing good idea

can any one  plz help me to suggest docks or links from where i can
understand how DSP( process Immediate assignment command.)

 you know the most difficult part is GSM burst processing that include alot
many thing no need to discuss right not even GSM BB processing i tried to
write DSP block in matlab and Labviev, but was so difficult, there was the
quarter bit issue which for delay insertion
bcoz the guard period is contains 1/4 bit, and pedding of  this is not
possible in both of them. hence i searched the net and  find this project ..

PS    just enligten my path so , that i Can devlop API to enter  ARFCN TS
and processes GSM (TCH)  burts from a specific timeslot
and process DBB to TCH/Speech.
 > also which all resistors need to manipulate to do manual configuration

>resistors ?

>>>> GSM are a little more modern than that ... they don't have tuning
>>>>potentiometers ...

it was typo error , uff  register , I never meant this as potentiometers ,
and rita_pll  is giving me good idea ,  also i seen your ./bcch_scan, and
understand how the frequency getting change. in source code files.

even i have done too many things with No---kia's 3210 RF section, even i
have control the RF Base Band HAGAR_3, through Atmel micro controller and my
PC . though Hagar reset generation was difficult part, again the
problem arises to fetch data from  the  CONT a ADC in 3210. there is nothing
inside the RF Base Band HAGAR_3, but Nationals LMX23xx series PLL.
ohh but it,s getting something out of topic, sorry for that.

Kind Regards,
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